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12460-Laboratory Glassware Dryer


12460-Laboratory Glassware Dryer

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  • Specially designed for all type of glass ware drying
  • Triple walled in construction with inner made of 304 stainless steel & exterior G.I powder coated shade in regular model
  • Inner 316L S.S mirror finish and exterior also 304 S.S matt finish in GMP Model
  • Heating element clamped two sides for prefect drying no elements at bottom
  • Air circulation being performed by motorized blower
  • Selection of controller solid state DIGITAL controller or microprocessor PID controller with printer port

A Laboratory Glassware Dryer is a device used for drying and sterilizing laboratory glassware. In short, its primary use is for:

Glassware Drying:

  • Efficiently drying and sterilizing laboratory glassware, ensuring the elimination of moisture for subsequent use in experiments, analyses, and research.

Technical Specifications:

Part No. Chamber Inner Size Capacity Temp. range
12460-A 18”X18”X20” 3.75 CFT/106 LTRS 5c above ambient to


12460-B 24”X24”X24” 8 CFT/228 LTRS 5c above ambient to


12460-C 24”X24”X36” 12 CFT/342 LTRS 5c above ambient to


12460-D 18”X18”X20” 3.75 CFT/106 LTRS 50c to 300c
12460-E 24”X24”X24” 8 CFT/228 LTRS 50c to 300c
12460-F 24”24”X36” 12 CFT/342 LTRS 50c to 300c
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