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12470-V.D.R.L. Rotator


12470-V.D.R.L. Rotator

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  • Most useful for standard serological test including V.D.R.L test
  • Sturdy heavy based housing finish with epoxy powder coated shade
  • Single speed 30 RPM
  • With DIGITAL to choose time from 1 to 15 minute
  • Single speed model
  • Usable with flat bottom flask, beaker and disc

Technical Specifications:

Part No. Size Platform Model Orbit Timer range Volts
12470-A 12”LX12”WX1\2 HT Regular 20 MM 99 minute 230 Volts
12470-B 12”LX12”WX1\2 HT Digital 20 MM 99 minute 230 Volts

A V.D.R.L. Rotator is a laboratory device used for mixing and rotating specimens during serological tests, including the Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (V.D.R.L.) test. In short, its primary use is for:

Serological Test Mixing:

  • Facilitating the rotation and mixing of specimens, particularly in serological tests like V.D.R.L., to ensure uniform reactions and accurate results in laboratory diagnostics.
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