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12500-Friability Test Apparatus


12500-Friability Test Apparatus

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  • This Friability Test Apparatus is specially designed to determine the durability of tables form the time of use
  • Microprocessor based preset DIGITAL controller
  • The rate of abrasion impact hardness of table can be found using this unit
  • A transparent 12” dia acrylic drum having blade carries the table along it up to a predetermined high and let them slide off
  • Descent compact epoxy powder coated housing in regular model
  • Housing made of 316 S.S matt finish in GMP MODEL
  • The tables are weighted before and after the rubbing in the drum and the difference in the weight indicates the rate of abrasion
  • The desired duration of rotation can be fixed by using timer which is in built with the pane
  • The drum rotation at constant speed of 25 RPM
  • Operates on 230 volts

A Friability Test Apparatus is a device used to determine the friability or durability of tablets. In short, its primary use is for:

Tablet Durability Testing:

  • Assessing the resistance of tablets to breakage or friability, essential in pharmaceutical quality control to ensure the integrity of oral solid dosage forms.
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