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12520-Upright Freezers


12520-Upright Freezers

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Ideally designed for storage of storage of blood components, serum, vaccines and medicines.


  • Double walled inner S.S 304 and exterior G.I epoxy powder coated finish
  • 4”puf insulation to minimize heat – exchange
  • Interior 316L S.S and exterior 304 S.S matt finish in GMP model
  • Recessed adjustable temperature control and digital display
  • Cooling kit insulation hermetically sealed compressor, fan- motor, condenser CFC free system
  • Highly insulated front opening door with silicone gasket having losable handle
  • S wire mesh shelves and S.S lockable drawers in different model

Upright Freezers are storage units designed for vertical storage of items at low temperatures. In short, their primary use is for:

Vertical Low-Temperature Storage:

  • Storing biological samples, vaccines, or other temperature-sensitive materials in an upright configuration, commonly used in laboratories, healthcare, and research institutions.

Technical Specifications:

Part No. Inner size (LXWXHT) Capacity Temp. Range
12520-A 20”X18”X32” 6 CFT/170 LTR. -0C TO -20C
12520-B 24”X22”X36” 10 CFT/290 LTR -0C TO -20C
12520-C 32”X24”X38” 17 CFT/480 LTR -0C TO -20C
12520-D 20”X18”X32” 6 CFT/170 LTR -10C TO -50C
12520-E 24”X22”36” 10 CFT/290 LTR -10C TO -50C
12520-F 32”X24”38” 17 CFT/480 LTR -10C TO -50C
12520-G 20”X18”X32” 6 CFT/170 LTR -30C TO -70C
12520-H 24”X22”X36” 10 CFT/290 LTR -30C TO -70C
12520-I 32”X24”X38” 17 CFT/480 LTR -30C TO -70C
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