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  • Wavelength Range : 190-1100nm
  • Bandwidth : 2nm
  • Wavelength Accuracy : ±1nm
  • Wavelength Repeatability : 0.5nm
  • Wavelength Setting : Auto
  • Photometric Accuracy : ±0.5%T
  • Light Source : Deuterium, Tungsten lamp

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Quantitative Analysis:

  • Performs precise quantitative analysis of substances based on their light absorption characteristics.

Routine Laboratory Measurements:

  • Commonly used for routine measurements in laboratories for various applications.

Quality Control:

  • Essential for quality control in industries like pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and food, ensuring product consistency.

Chemical and Biological Research:

  • Utilized in chemical and biological research for analyzing the composition and properties of substances.

Colorimetric Assays:

  • Facilitates colorimetric assays by measuring color intensity through absorbance readings.

Environmental Monitoring:

  • Assesses environmental samples for pollutants or specific chemical constituents by analyzing their absorbance spectra.

Educational and Teaching Tool:

  • Used in educational settings for teaching basic principles of spectroscopy and analytical techniques.

Routine UV-Visible Measurements:

  • Performs routine UV-visible measurements for various samples in the laboratory.

Simple and Compact Design:

  • Features a simple and compact design, making it user-friendly for routine laboratory work.

Wavelength Scanning:

  • Can conduct wavelength scanning to study absorbance characteristics at different wavelengths.
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