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13010-Crash Cart


13010-Crash Cart

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  • Complete frame/structure made of stainless steel/M.S. Powder coated with siz smooth lockable drawers
  • Mobile on 15 cm swivel castors with I.V. Rod Lamp, siz and out bins, cylinder cage
  • Fixed with buffers

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Code Blue Response:

  • Rapid deployment during Code Blue emergencies for immediate life support.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR):

  • Equipped with materials for CPR, including defibrillator, airway management, and medications.

Emergency Medication Administration:

  • Houses medications and drugs needed for acute and critical interventions.


  • Contains a defibrillator for delivering electric shocks to restore normal heart rhythm.

Airway Management:

  • Supplies for establishing and maintaining a patient’s airway during emergencies.

IV Access and Fluids:

  • Includes intravenous supplies for quick access and administration of fluids and medications.

Emergency Equipment Storage:

  • Organized storage for emergency airway, intubation, and ventilation equipment.

Advanced Life Support (ALS):

  • Supports advanced life support measures with equipment for skilled medical interventions.

Mobility and Accessibility:

  • Designed for quick and easy mobility, ensuring rapid access to critical supplies.

Medical Emergency Preparedness:

  • Essential for hospitals, clinics, and emergency response teams for prompt and efficient medical interventions.
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