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13060-Electric Fumigator


13060-Electric Fumigator

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Our Electric Fumigator are manufactured for meeting the needs of air environment sterility in various hospitals operation like operation theaters, intensive care units, ICCU’s, neonatal ICU’s, AKD units, patients rooms etc. These electric fumigators are also used in air sterility in microbiology lab, pathology labs, blood banks and many more. Its light weight, portable & extremely user-friendly features makes them one of the most used and recommended products in the market.

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Pest Control:

  • Effectively controls and eliminates pests, insects, and disease vectors in enclosed spaces.

Vector-Borne Disease Prevention:

  • Contributes to the prevention of vector-borne diseases by targeting disease-carrying insects.

Indoor Spaces:

  • Used in homes, offices, and other indoor spaces to combat insect infestations.

Commercial and Agricultural Settings:

  • Applied in commercial establishments and agricultural settings for pest management.


  • Supports sanitization efforts by reducing the population of disease-spreading insects.

Quick and Efficient Treatment:

  • Provides a quick and efficient method for treating enclosed areas for pest control.


  • Convenient and user-friendly, allowing for easy and automated fumigation processes.

Public Health:

  • Aids in maintaining public health standards by controlling insect vectors.

Routine Pest Management:

  • Used as part of routine pest management practices in various environments.

Elimination of Flying and Crawling Insects:

  • Targets both flying and crawling insects, offering comprehensive pest control.
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