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13270-Hospital Shadowless Light


13270-Hospital Shadowless Light

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We also manufacture and supply Hospital Shadowless Light for uses in operating theaters in hospitals. These are manufactured keeping in mind the specific requirements in terms of light intensity, color temperature and the number of lights.


  • 22″ Dia. Dome with 4 reflectors of 8″ Dia.
  • Fitted with imported Halogen bulbs 24v – 70w x 4
  • Heavy duty step down transformer concealed in base
  • Sterilizable central handle
  • Heat absorbing and color correcting special
  • Filter glasses
  • Lux 50000 +- 10% at 90 Cm

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Surgical Illumination:

  • Provides bright and shadow-free illumination during surgical procedures in the operating room.

Optimal Visibility:

  • Ensures optimal visibility for surgeons and medical professionals during surgeries.

Tissue Differentiation:

  • Enhances the ability to differentiate tissues and structures during intricate procedures.

Adjustable Intensity:

  • Allows for adjustable light intensity to meet the specific requirements of different surgeries.

Focused Illumination:

  • Offers focused and uniform lighting to eliminate shadows in the surgical field.

Minimizes Eye Strain:

  • Reduces eye strain for surgical teams by providing consistent and glare-free lighting.

Surgical Precision:

  • Supports surgical precision by illuminating the operating area with clarity.

Easy Maneuverability:

  • Often designed for easy adjustment and maneuverability to adapt to varying surgical needs.

Durability and Hygiene:

  • Constructed with materials promoting durability and ease of cleaning to maintain hygiene.

Critical Component:

  • Essential in operating theaters to ensure accurate and well-lit conditions for medical procedures.
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