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13320-Hospital Bed Light


13320-Hospital Bed Light

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  • 20″ Dia. Dome (Double)
  • Fitted with imported Halogen bulbs 24v-150w in each Dome
  • Heavy duty step down transformer
  • Sterilizer central handle in each Dome
  • Heat absorbing & colour correcting special filter glasses
  • Provided with stand by bulb
  • Lux Intensity 90000 +- 10% at 90 cms

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Patient Reading Light:

  • Provides focused illumination for patients to read or engage in other activities while in bed.

Examination Lighting:

  • Offers adjustable lighting for healthcare professionals during patient examinations or procedures.

Bedside Task Lighting:

  • Serves as a convenient source of light for bedside tasks, such as administering medication.

Ambient Lighting:

  • Contributes to ambient lighting in patient rooms, creating a comfortable environment.

Adjustable Intensity:

  • Allows for adjustable light intensity to meet the specific preferences and needs of patients.

Night Lighting:

  • Functions as a night light, offering a low-intensity illumination for patients during the night.

Patient Comfort:

  • Enhances patient comfort by providing customizable and patient-controlled lighting.

Caregiver Assistance:

  • Supports caregivers in providing care and assistance to patients during nighttime hours.

Energy-Efficient Design:

  • Often designed with energy-efficient features to optimize power consumption.

Overall Room Illumination:

  • Contributes to the overall illumination of the patient room, ensuring a well-lit environment.
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