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13400-Gyne Delivery Table


13400-Gyne Delivery Table

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Product Details:

Warranty 6 moths
Size Any
Color Many
Is It Folded Folded
Material Stainless Steel

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Labor and Delivery:

  • Provides a comfortable and adjustable platform for women during labor and childbirth.

Gynecological Examinations:

  • Used for routine gynecological examinations, check-ups, and procedures.

Obstetric Procedures:

  • Supports various obstetric procedures, including deliveries and postpartum care.

Adjustable Positions:

  • Allows for multiple adjustable positions to accommodate different medical procedures.

Patient Comfort:

  • Enhances patient comfort during examinations, deliveries, and medical interventions.

Ease of Accessibility:

  • Facilitates easy access for healthcare professionals during deliveries and examinations.

Versatile Utility:

  • Adaptable for various medical needs in obstetrics and gynecology.

Durability and Hygiene:

  • Constructed with materials promoting durability and ease of cleaning.

Maternal Care:

  • Contributes to comprehensive maternal care by providing a versatile and comfortable platform.

Delivery Room Essential:

  • An essential piece of furniture in delivery rooms for safe and efficient obstetric care.
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