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13410-Blood Donor Couch


13410-Blood Donor Couch

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Product Details:

Size Any
Color Blue
Brakes 2
Mounted castors 125 mm
Mattress Form PU

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Blood Donation Comfort:

  • Provides a comfortable and supportive surface for individuals donating blood.

Adjustable Positions:

  • Typically adjustable to various positions, allowing donors to find a comfortable posture.

Safety Features:

  • Equipped with safety features such as armrests and restraints for donor stability.

Efficient Blood Collection:

  • Facilitates efficient and hygienic blood collection by healthcare professionals.

Patient Monitoring:

  • Allows healthcare staff to monitor donors during the blood donation process.

Easy Access to Arm Vein:

  • Designed to provide easy access to the donor’s arm vein for blood collection.

Quick Turnaround:

  • Enables a quick turnaround between donors by optimizing the blood donation process.

Comfortable Recovery:

  • Supports donors in a comfortable position during the post-donation recovery period.

Hygienic Materials:

  • Typically constructed with materials promoting cleanliness and ease of sanitation.

Blood Donation Center Essential:

  • Essential furniture in blood donation centers to ensure a positive donor experience.
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