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13430-Clinical Centrifuge


13430-Clinical Centrifuge

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Product Details:

Size Any
Max. tube size 15 mm
Max. capacity 120 ml

Low priced, fitted with resiliently mounted motor for vibration free performance, a built in 5 step speed regulator and one non removable angle rotor.

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Blood Component Separation:

  • Separates blood into its components (plasma, serum, and cellular elements) for analysis.

Sample Processing:

  • Facilitates sample processing in clinical laboratories for diagnostic testing.

Cellular Studies:

  • Used in research and medical laboratories for cellular and molecular studies.

Urine Analysis:

  • Separates components in urine samples for diagnostic and research purposes.

Chemical and Biological Analysis:

  • Supports various chemical and biological analyses by isolating substances of interest.

Microbiological Research:

  • Utilized in microbiological research for isolating microorganisms and cellular materials.

Virology Studies:

  • Aids in virology studies by separating viral particles from biological fluids.

Diagnostic Testing:

  • Essential for diagnostic testing, including hematology and biochemistry assays.

Quality Control:

  • Used in quality control processes to ensure the accuracy of laboratory results.

Clinical Research:

  • Supports clinical research by enabling the separation and analysis of biological samples.
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