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13440-Instrument Sterilizer


13440-Instrument Sterilizer

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Product Details:

Material Stainless Steel
Insulation Wall Double Wall
Size Any

Instrument Sterilizer

  • A product of choice in medical field.
  • Seamless shell & lever operated lid fitted with full proof condensate with in the shell.
  • Incredible synchronised manoeuvrability of lid, due to statistically perforated tray for flushing and entry of water.
  • Highly adoptable of your growing needs.
  • Configuration design and material.

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Sterilization of Instruments:

  • Utilized to sterilize medical instruments, ensuring they are free from microbial contamination.

Infection Control:

  • Contributes to infection control measures by eliminating pathogens on instruments.

Prevention of Cross-Contamination:

  • Helps prevent cross-contamination between patients by ensuring sterile instruments.

Surgical and Medical Procedures:

  • Essential for maintaining aseptic conditions in surgical and medical procedures.

Dental and Veterinary Practices:

  • Commonly used in dental and veterinary practices for instrument sterilization.

Reusable Instrument Safety:

  • Ensures the safety of reusable instruments for multiple patient uses.


  • Often employs autoclaving, a high-pressure steam process, for effective sterilization.

Laboratory Instruments:

  • Used for sterilizing laboratory instruments to maintain the integrity of experiments.

Efficient Sterilization Cycles:

  • Offers efficient and controlled sterilization cycles for various instruments.

Compliance with Health Standards:

  • Meets health and safety standards, ensuring compliance in medical settings.
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