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13450-Plasma Thawing Bath


13450-Plasma Thawing Bath

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Product Details:

Temperature 37 deg C
Stability +/- 0.2 deg C
Accuracy + 1 deg C
Heating power 1500 W

Product Details
Micro Controller based Plasma Thawing Bath, which is a tabletop model, for quick thawing of plasma at 37° C. In this the temperature is controlled by micro controller based temperature controller. Our range is designed to safely and reliably thaw fresh frozen plasma (FFP) for the recovery of cryopre cipitate ant hemophilic factor (AHF) and in this the temperature is preset at 4° C and maintained with ±0.2° C stability.

Special Features:-

  • Audio-visual alarm if temperature deviates from preset temperature.
  • Display of Set value & Process value.
  • Smooth acrylic tray for accommodating Plasma Bags.
  • Integrated pump for internal circulation maintains precise temperature uniformity throughout the liquid medium.
  • Rounded corners for better water circulation and uniformity.
  • Formed in place PUF insulation improves temperature stability and energy efficiency.

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Plasma Thawing:

  • Specifically designed for thawing frozen plasma units in healthcare settings.

Blood Component Processing:

  • Facilitates the controlled thawing of various blood components for medical use.

Preservation of Blood Products:

  • Ensures the preservation and integrity of blood products during the thawing process.

Preparation for Transfusion:

  • Prepares frozen plasma for transfusion by safely and efficiently thawing it to a suitable temperature.

Temperature Control:

  • Provides precise temperature control to avoid damage to the blood components.

Thawing Consistency:

  • Promotes consistent and uniform thawing of plasma units for reliable results.

Compliance with Standards:

  • Meets regulatory and quality standards for blood component thawing processes.

Safe and Efficient:

  • Designed to thaw blood products safely and efficiently, minimizing the risk of damage.

Blood Bank and Transfusion Services:

  • Integral equipment in blood banks and transfusion services for plasma processing.

Clinical Laboratory Use:

  • Used in clinical laboratories to support blood component preparation for medical procedures.
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