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13540-Embalming Table


13540-Embalming Table

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  • SS Tubular Frame work, SS sheet top with high boarder.
  • Provision for drainer hole, SS bucket.
  • 4 x 125 mm castors, 2 with Brakes.
  • Size – 187L x 60W x 90H cm.

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Body Preparation:

  • Provides a dedicated surface for the preparation of deceased bodies for burial.

Embalming Procedures:

  • Used during the embalming process to preserve and sanitize the body.

Fluid Drainage System:

  • Typically equipped with a fluid drainage system for the efficient removal of embalming fluids.

Autopsy and Post-Mortem Exams:

  • Supports autopsy and post-mortem examinations by providing a suitable working surface.

Hygienic Environment:

  • Designed for ease of cleaning and maintaining a hygienic environment.

Stainless Steel Construction:

  • Often constructed with stainless steel for durability and sanitation.

Adjustable Features:

  • Some models may have adjustable features to accommodate different procedures.

Fluid Collection and Disposal:

  • Facilitates the collection and proper disposal of fluids used in the embalming process.

Safe and Ergonomic Design:

  • Ensures a safe and ergonomic environment for mortuary professionals.

Compliance with Regulations:

  • Meets regulatory standards and guidelines for the handling and preparation of deceased individuals.
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