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13550-Biochemistry Analyzer


13550-Biochemistry Analyzer

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Product Details:

Display size 240 x 128 mm
Display Type LCD
  • Auto Biochemistry Analyzerfor the endpoint, kinetic, fixed point multi-standard and coagulation tests.
  • quartz flowcell system built-in thermal printer with graphics capability.

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Clinical Diagnostics:

  • Key in clinical laboratories for diagnosing and monitoring diseases based on biochemical markers.

Blood Chemistry Analysis:

  • Analyzes blood samples for levels of enzymes, metabolites, proteins, and other biochemical components.

Disease Monitoring:

  • Monitors disease progression and assesses the effectiveness of treatments.

Liver and Kidney Function Tests:

  • Performs tests to evaluate liver and kidney function through biochemical indicators.

Metabolic Profile:

  • Provides a metabolic profile by measuring substances such as glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Endocrine Assessments:

  • Assesses endocrine function by measuring hormones and related markers.

Drug Monitoring:

  • Monitors drug levels in the bloodstream for therapeutic drug management.

Research Applications:

  • Used in research settings to analyze biological samples for experimental purposes.

High Throughput Analysis:

  • Enables high-throughput analysis, processing multiple samples efficiently.

Point-of-Care Testing:

  • Supports point-of-care testing in some settings for rapid on-site biochemical analysis.
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