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13580-Ear Wax Cleaner


13580-Ear Wax Cleaner

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Product Details:

Usage Hospital, Clinic
Material PVC


  • Safe and hygenic
  • Comfortable to use
  • Reduces the risk of painfull infection
  • 4 washable silicon tips
  • Requires 2*AA batteries per cleaner (not included)
  • In case a foreighn material such as water or sand gets into your ears, ear wax cleaner automatically can pull it out .
  • In case of small insects such as files ,ants ,mosquito, etc ,it can also easily pull it out.

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Earwax Removal:

  • Designed to safely and effectively remove excess earwax from the ear canal.

Hygienic Ear Care:

  • Promotes hygienic ear care by preventing the buildup of earwax that can cause discomfort.

Hearing Aid Maintenance:

  • Useful for individuals using hearing aids, ensuring proper functioning by keeping the ear canal clear.

Improved Hearing:

  • Helps improve hearing by preventing earwax blockages that can impede sound transmission.

Safe and Gentle:

  • Typically designed to be safe and gentle for use in the delicate ear canal.

Home Use:

  • Convenient for home use to address minor earwax issues without the need for professional intervention.

Avoidance of Cotton Swabs:

  • Provides an alternative to cotton swabs, which are not recommended for ear cleaning due to the risk of pushing wax deeper.

Compact and Portable:

  • Often compact and portable for easy storage and use as needed.

Individual Ear Health:

  • Supports individual ear health by allowing users to maintain cleanliness and comfort.

Consultation with Professionals:

  • While suitable for routine cleaning, severe earwax issues may require consultation with healthcare professionals.
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