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13810-Simple Pendulum

13810-Simple Pendulum

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  • Size:-200 Mm Diameter
  • Type:- Metal Wheel Mounted
  • Brand:- Esel International

A Simple Pendulum is used for:

  1. Periodic Motion Demonstrations:
    • Illustrates Periodic Motion: Demonstrates the simple harmonic motion of a pendulum.
  2. Gravity and Motion Studies:
    • Gravity Exploration: Provides insights into the relationship between gravity and the motion of a suspended mass.
  3. Pendulum Period Experiments:
    • Period Measurement: Allows for the measurement of the period of oscillation for different pendulum lengths.
  4. Pendulum Laws Illustration:
    • Newton’s Laws: Illustrates Newton’s laws of motion, particularly those related to pendulum motion.
  5. Educational Demonstrations:
    • Physics Education: Used as a teaching tool to explain concepts of oscillation, gravity, and periodic motion.
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