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14030-Air Brake System (Working) Model

14030-Air Brake System (Working) Model

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Product Details:


Product description: a model of air brake system (working). we are manufacturers of models of a training module for the CRDi diesel engine. Niagara exports steam engines models for experiments in engineering education labs.

Standard features

  • Standard operation limited to 10000rpm
  • Standard analog inputs for
  • Manifold air pressure
  • Throttle position
  • Engine temp
  • Air temp
  • Lambda
  • Manifold air flow
  • Inputs from crank

An Air Brake System (Working) Model is often abbreviated as “ABSWM” or simply referred to as an “Air Brake Model.” In an educational or training setting, it is used for:

  • Demonstrating the operation of an air brake system
  • Teaching the principles of pneumatic braking in vehicles
  • Understanding the components and functions of an air brake system
  • Educational activities related to automotive engineering and mechanics
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