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Comprising a heavy-gauge copper outer vessel with an internal perforated shelf for copper sulphate crystals, a porous pot and an amalgamated zinc rod fitted with a wooden supporting cap. The zinc rod and copper vessel are each provided with a 4 mm. socketed terminal.

  •       In this cell E = 1.08 V approx.
  •       Working capacity 0.85 litre
  •       Size of copper vessel : 130 x 90 mm diameter approx.
  •       Size of porous pot : 150 x 150 mm diameter approx.
  •       Size of zinc rod : 150 x 12 mm diameter approx.

A Daniel Cell is often abbreviated as “DC” or referred to as a “Daniel Cell.” In a laboratory or experimental setting, it is used for:

  • Demonstrating electrochemical principles
  • Conducting experiments on voltaic cells
  • Educational activities on electrochemistry
  • Studying the electromotive force (EMF) generated by chemical reactions
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