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Part No. size Pack Qty.
1480-6 6 X 115 500
1480-7 7 X 115 500
1480-8 8 X 115 500
1480-9 9 X 115 500
1480-10 10 X 115 500
1480-11 11X 115 500
1480-12 12 X 115 500
1480-14 14 X 115 500

Here are potential uses for these connectors:

  1. Water Circulation: Double water connectors suggest the possibility of water circulation, which can be important for cooling in various laboratory setups. The double connections may allow for both inlet and outlet water flow.
  2. Condensation Control: In setups where condensation needs to be controlled, water connectors can be used to circulate cold water, preventing the buildup of vapors or ensuring proper condensation.
  3. Temperature Control: Water connectors are often used in conjunction with condensers or other glass apparatus to regulate temperature during chemical reactions or distillation processes.
  4. Cooling: For applications where cooling is essential, such as in reflux setups, the double water connectors may provide efficient cooling to maintain the desired reaction temperature.
  5. Laboratory Apparatus Customization: Glass olives with double water connectors can be integral parts of custom-designed laboratory glassware setups, allowing researchers to tailor their apparatus for specific experiments.
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