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For ASTM Standard Flasks
• The Flasks with ASTM E-288 can also be provided with Penny Head Stoppers

PSPenny Head Stoppers can be provided in Amber color.

Part no.  SIZE Pack Qty.
1750-7 7/12 10
1750-10 10/18 10
1750-14 14/20 10
1750-19 19/22 10

Here are some common applications:

  1. Laboratory Glassware Sealing: Pennyhead solid glass stoppers are often used to seal laboratory glassware such as flasks, test tubes, and bottles. They provide an airtight or watertight seal to prevent the contents from spilling or reacting with the surrounding environment.
  2. Chemical Reactions: When conducting chemical reactions in a laboratory, it is important to control the conditions. Pennyhead solid glass stoppers can be used to seal reaction vessels to prevent the escape of gases or vapors produced during the reaction.
  3. Storage of Samples: In research and analytical laboratories, samples need to be stored securely. Solid glass stoppers help seal containers holding samples to prevent contamination or evaporation.
  4. Cultural and Educational Displays: Solid glass stoppers, especially those with unique designs or features, are sometimes used in educational settings or museum displays to showcase different types of laboratory equipment.
  5. General Laboratory Practices: Pennyhead stoppers are easy to handle due to their broad, flat tops. This makes them convenient for quick sealing and unsealing of laboratory glassware.
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