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  • Agronomic Design
  • In compliance with Din 12254 standard
  • Used mainly with volumetric flasks the F lower-PowerTM form large head provides good grip and also protects flasks from breaking if it drops accidentally
  • Available in Multiple Color against Anaquel 100 Pieces

White & Blue DIN 12254

Part no. NS SIZE Pack Qty.
1760-10PP 10/19 10
1760-12PP 12/21 10
1760-14PP 14/23 10
1760-19PP 19/26 10
1760-24PP 24/29 10
1760-29PP 29/32 10

Potential Uses:

  1. Chemical Storage: HDPE stoppers are suitable for sealing containers used for storing chemicals. HDPE is resistant to many chemicals, making it a good choice for preventing chemical reactions or contamination.
  2. Sample Preservation: In laboratories, HDPE stoppers may be used to seal containers holding samples for preservation. The inert nature of HDPE helps maintain the integrity of the samples.
  3. Laboratory Glassware Sealing: HDPE stoppers can be used to seal openings in laboratory glassware, providing a secure closure for flasks, bottles, or tubes.
  4. Quality Control: Laboratories adhering to DIN standards may use HDPE stoppers in quality control processes to ensure that laboratory materials and containers meet specific criteria.
  5. Education and Research: HDPE stoppers are commonly used in educational laboratories and research settings for a variety of applications where chemical resistance and a secure seal are essential.
  6. Industrial Applications: HDPE stoppers can be employed in industrial settings for sealing containers used in manufacturing processes, storage, or transport.
  7. Field Sampling: In fieldwork or environmental monitoring, HDPE stoppers may be used to seal sample containers, preventing leaks or contamination during transportation.
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