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Chemical Resistant

Part No. BOTH FEMALE Joint MALE Joint Pack QTY.
2090-14FM 14/20 14/20 10
2090-24FM 24/40 24/40 10
2090-29FM 29/42 29/42 10

Applications for a three-way adapter in a laboratory setting:

  1. T-Junction for Fluid Handling: A three-way adapter is often used in fluid-handling systems to create a T-junction. This allows for the diversion or combination of different fluid streams within the laboratory setup.
  2. Separation or Mixing of Liquids: In experiments that involve the separation or mixing of liquids, a three-way adapter can be used to control the flow and direction of the liquids in the apparatus.
  3. Reaction Setups: In chemical reactions or synthesis setups, a three-way adapter might be used to introduce reagents at different points in the reaction vessel or to control the direction of gas flow.
  4. Valve or Stopcock Integration: Three-way adapters are commonly designed to accommodate valves or stopcocks, allowing for precise control over the flow of fluids in the laboratory setup.
  5. Gas Sampling: In environmental or analytical laboratories, three-way adapters can be used for gas sampling applications, allowing for the collection of samples from different sources or at different points in a system.
  6. Column Chromatography: Three-way adapters are frequently employed in chromatography setups, enabling the selection of different elution paths or the introduction of different solvents during the chromatographic separation process.
  7. Fractional Distillation: In distillation setups, a three-way adapter can be used to direct vapor flow to different condensation or collection points, facilitating fractional distillation.
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