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Chemical Resistant

Part No. MALE Joint House Connection O.D. inches Pack QTY.
2260-14M 14/20 5/16 10
2260-19M 19/22 5/16 10
2260-24M 24/40 3/8 10
2260-29M 29/42 3/8 10

Here are potential uses for such an adapter in a laboratory setting:

  1. Filtration Processes:
    • The fritted adapter with a hose connection can be used for vacuum or pressure-assisted filtration processes. It allows for the separation of solid particles from a liquid or gas through the fritted glass filter.
  2. Gas Dispersion:
    • The fritted glass component can be used to disperse gases into a liquid phase or to generate fine bubbles for specific applications, such as gas-liquid reactions or aeration.
  3. Chemical Reactions:
    • The fritted glass filter can be employed in chemical reactions to separate precipitates or reactants from the reaction mixture. The hose connection may allow for the controlled addition or removal of substances.
  4. Sample Preparation:
    • In analytical chemistry, the fritted adapter with a hose connection can be used for sample preparation, including filtration of samples before analysis.
  5. Extraction Processes:
    • The fritted glass can be utilized in extraction processes, where it acts as a porous barrier to separate the desired components from a mixture. The hose connection facilitates the extraction or addition of solvents.
  6. Chromatography Support:
    • The fritted glass component may find use in chromatography setups, providing support for solid-phase extraction or column chromatography processes.
  7. Drying Agents:
    • Fritted glass can be used to support drying agents in a setup, facilitating the removal of moisture from gases or solvents.
  8. Laboratory Plumbing:
    • The adapter contributes to the laboratory plumbing system, providing a connection for hoses used in various experimental setups.
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