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  • With PTFE needle valve stopcock providing fine flow control all positive closure
  • Detachable plastic screw thread connectors allows hose etc.
  • To be fitted easily and safely
2560-14F 14/23 3.0 10
2560-19F 19/26 3.0 10
2560-24F 24/29 3.0



Here are some common uses for an adapter with a glass stopcock in a laboratory setting:

  1. Vacuum Filtration: The adapter with a glass stopcock can be used in vacuum filtration setups. It provides a means to control the flow of the filtrate, allowing for precise adjustments and the ability to stop or regulate the passage of liquid through the system.
  2. Separation Funnel Setup: Similar to the adapter cone, the adapter with a glass stopcock may be used in setups involving separation funnels. The glass stopcock facilitates the controlled release of liquids from the separation funnel, enabling accurate separations and extractions.
  3. Fractional Distillation: In fractional distillation setups, the adapter with a glass stopcock can be used to control the flow of distillate. This is particularly useful for collecting different fractions at specific temperatures during the distillation process.
  4. Chemical Synthesis: The adapter with a glass stopcock can be part of reaction setups, allowing for the controlled addition of reagents or the withdrawal of reaction products. The glass stopcock enables precise control over the flow of liquids.
  5. Liquid Sampling: It can be used for controlled liquid sampling in processes where obtaining precise volumes of liquid is critical. The glass stopcock allows for accurate control over the withdrawal of liquid samples.
  6. Liquid Transfer: The glass stopcock in the adapter allows for the controlled transfer of liquids between vessels, contributing to the accuracy and efficiency of liquid handling procedures.
  7. Reflux Setups: In reflux systems, the adapter with a glass stopcock may be utilized to control the reflux process. This enables researchers to regulate the flow of vapors or liquids during the reflux operation.
  8. Process Control: The glass stopcock provides a means for controlling the flow of liquids in various experimental setups, contributing to the precision and reproducibility of laboratory processes.
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