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  • Blown in Polypropylene, are strong, unbreakable and have good contact clarity.
  • These autoclavable flasks are provided with screw caps to prevent leakage.
  • Material : Polypropylene
PART NO. Capacity (ml) Pack QTY
3230-25 25 10
3230-50 50 10
3230-100 100 10
3230-250 250 10
3230-500 500 10
3230-1000 1000 10

Potential uses of PP Class B volumetric flasks:

  1. Chemical Solutions Preparation: PP volumetric flasks can be used for preparing chemical solutions in laboratory settings. Class B accuracy indicates a moderate level of precision, suitable for many routine laboratory applications.
  2. Sample Dilution: These flasks are useful for diluting samples with a known volume accurately. The Class B accuracy ensures a reliable and acceptable level of precision for general laboratory work.
  3. Education and Teaching: PP volumetric flasks can be employed in educational settings for teaching basic laboratory techniques and principles of volumetric measurements. They are lightweight and less prone to breakage compared to glassware, making them suitable for educational laboratories.
  4. Environmental Testing: In environmental laboratories, PP volumetric flasks can be used for various tasks, such as preparing standards, diluting samples, and performing volumetric measurements with moderate accuracy.
  5. Quality Control: While Class A accuracy is typically preferred for highly precise measurements in quality control processes, PP Class B volumetric flasks may find use in quality control settings where the required precision is less stringent.
  6. Fieldwork: The durability and lightweight nature of polypropylene make these flasks suitable for fieldwork where glassware might be impractical or risk breakage.
  7. Routine Laboratory Measurements: For routine laboratory measurements where the accuracy requirements are not as strict, PP Class B volumetric flasks can serve well. They are cost-effective alternatives to glassware.
  8. Chemical Storage: While volumetric flasks are primarily designed for accurate measurements, PP flasks can also be used for short-term storage of certain chemicals due to their chemical resistance.

NOTE: The flasks are also printed in many color options like- blue, white, amber, green, red, black etc. as per customer requirements.

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