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3472-Variable Micropipette, High Performance Micro Volume Pipette, Single Channel


3472-Variable Micropipette, High Performance Micro Volume Pipette, Single Channel

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Variable Micropipette, High Performance Micro Volume Pipette, Single Channel

Fully autoclavable & UV resistance
• “CE” mark awarded
• Click-stop system for digital volume set ting.
• Ergonomic Design ensuring light weight & soft plunger movement.
• Two step plunger operation allows “reverse pipetting technique”.
• Calibration as per DIN 12650 & EN-ISO 8655 standards.
• High accuracy and precision guaranteed.
• Individual serial No. permanently marked on each pipette.
• Calibration report enclosed with every pipette.
• Color coded for easy identification

PART No. Volume Range (µl) Variable Increment (µl) Pack QTY.
3472-0.1 0.1 2.5 0.01 1
3472-0.5 0.5 10 0.1 1
3472-2 2 20 0.1 1
3472-5 5 50 0.5 1
3472-10 10 100 0.5 1
3472-50 50 200 1.0 1
3472-20 20 200 1.0 1
3472-100 100 1000 5.0 1
3472-200 200 1000 5.0 1
3472-500 500 5000 50.0 1
3472-1000 1000 5000 50.0 1
3472-500-A 500 10000 100.0 1
3472-1000-B 1000 10000 100.0 1

Here are some common uses:

  1. Molecular Biology:
    • Pipetting small volumes is crucial in molecular biology applications such as PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), DNA sequencing, DNA quantification, and other nucleic acid-related experiments.
  2. Protein and Enzyme Studies:
    • In studies involving proteins and enzymes, researchers use micro-volume pipettes for tasks like protein quantification, enzyme activity assays, and protein purification.
  3. Cell Culture Work:
    • Micro-volume pipettes are used in cell culture for accurately dispensing small volumes of reagents, growth media, and other solutions into cell culture plates or dishes.
  4. Immunology Assays:
    • In immunological assays, such as ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay), micro-volume pipettes are employed for precise dispensing of antibodies, antigens, and detection reagents.
  5. Clinical Diagnostics:
    • Micro-volume pipettes find application in clinical laboratories for diagnostic tests, where accurate and precise measurement of small volumes of biological samples or reagents is essential.
  6. Drug Discovery and Development:
    • Pharmaceutical researchers use micro-volume pipettes in drug discovery and development processes, particularly in high-throughput screening, compound dispensing, and assay development.
  7. Biochemical Assays:
    • For various biochemical assays, such as enzymatic assays, coagulation assays, and immunoassays, micro-volume pipettes are used to handle small quantities of reagents and samples.
  8. Genomics and Proteomics Research:
    • Micro-volume pipettes play a crucial role in genomics and proteomics research, where precise handling of DNA, RNA, proteins, and related solutions is necessary.
  9. Chemical Synthesis:
    • In organic chemistry and chemical synthesis, micro-volume pipettes are employed for dispensing precise amounts of reagents and catalysts in reactions requiring high precision.
  10. Microarray Experiments:
    • In microarray experiments, micro-volume pipettes are used to deposit small volumes of samples or reagents onto microarray slides for gene expression studies, protein arrays, and other applications.
  11. Nanoparticle Research:
    • Researchers studying nanoparticles or nanomaterials use micro-volume pipettes to dispense small volumes of nanoparticle suspensions, solutions, or reagents in nanotechnology research.
  12. Environmental and Food Testing:
    • In laboratories conducting environmental and food testing, micro-volume pipettes may be used for precise measurement of samples and reagents in assays related to water quality, food safety, and environmental monitoring.
  13. Forensic Analysis:
    • Micro-volume pipettes find application in forensic laboratories for accurate dispensing of small volumes of samples or reagents in DNA analysis and other forensic techniques.
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