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3478-Universal Graduated Tips


3478-Universal Graduated Tips

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  • Packed in Polyethylene bag with easy tearing.
  • Perforation & Zip lock – Double sealing provides better protection against contamination and spillage while in use
  • Free DNase, RNase, Human DNA, Pyrogen & PCR inhibitor
  • Bulk Pack
PART No. Volume Range (µl) Description Pack QTY.
3478-10 10 1
3478-10-A 10 Sterile 1
3478-10-B 10 Filter 1
3478-10-C 10 Sterile, low retention 1
3478-10-D 10 Sterile, Filter 1
3478-10-E 10 Sterile, low retention, Filter 1
3478-10L 10L 1
3478-10L-A 10L Sterile 1
3478-10L-B 10L Filter 1
3478-10L-C 10L Sterile, low retention 1
3478-10L-D 10L Sterile, Filter 1
3478-10L-E 10L Sterile, low retention, Filter 1
3478-20 20 Filter 1
3478-20-A 20 Sterile, Filter 1
3478-20-B 20 Sterile, low retention, Filter 1
3478-50 50 Filter 1
3478-50-A 50 Sterile, Filter 1
3478-50-B 50 Sterile, low retention, Filter 1
3478-100 100 Filter 1
3478-100-A 100 Sterile, Filter 1
3478-100-B 100 Sterile, low retention, Filter 1
3478-200 200 1
3478-200-A 200 Sterile 1
3478-200-B 200 Filter 1
3478-200-C 200 Sterile, low retention 1
3478-200-D 200 Sterile, Filter 1
3478-200-E 200 Sterile, low retention, Filter 1
3478-1000 1000 1
3478-1000-A 1000 Sterile 1
3478-1000-B 1000 Filter 1
3478-1000-C 1000 Sterile, low retention 1
3478-1000-D 1000 Sterile, Filter 1
3478-1000-E 1000 Sterile, low retention, Filter 1
3478-1250 1250 1
3478-1250-A 1250 Sterile 1
3478-1250-B 1250 Filter 1
3478-1250-C 1250 Sterile, low retention 1
3478-1250-D 1250 Sterile, Filter 1
3478-1250-E 1250 Sterile, low retention, Filter 1

Here are some common uses:

  1. Liquid Handling:
    • Universal graduated tips are primarily used for accurate and precise liquid handling with pipettes. They allow researchers to aspirate and dispense liquids with controlled volumes in various laboratory protocols.
  2. Sample Preparation:
    • In sample preparation workflows, universal graduated tips are used to transfer precise volumes of samples, reagents, and buffers. This is crucial in applications such as DNA/RNA extraction, purification, and preparation for downstream analyses.
  3. PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction):
    • Researchers use universal graduated tips for pipetting reaction mixtures during PCR setups. Precise and consistent liquid handling is essential for the success of PCR experiments.
  4. qPCR (Quantitative PCR):
    • For quantitative PCR assays, accurate pipetting of DNA, primers, and other reaction components is critical. Universal graduated tips help maintain the precision required for reliable qPCR results.
  5. Enzyme Assays:
    • Universal graduated tips are employed in enzyme assays where researchers need to dispense specific volumes of substrates, enzymes, and reaction mixtures for kinetic studies or activity assays.
  6. ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay):
    • In ELISA workflows, universal graduated tips are used for precise pipetting of antibodies, antigens, and other reagents into microplate wells for the detection of target molecules.
  7. Cell Culture Work:
    • For tasks in cell culture, such as media changes, universal graduated tips aid in the accurate dispensing of cell culture media, trypsin, and other solutions into cell culture vessels.
  8. Molecular Biology Techniques:
    • Universal graduated tips are integral in various molecular biology techniques, including DNA sequencing, restriction enzyme digests, gel electrophoresis, and plasmid purification.
  9. Protein Purification:
    • In protein purification workflows, researchers use universal graduated tips for precise liquid handling during chromatography steps, buffer exchanges, and protein concentration processes.
  10. Drug Discovery Screening:
    • In high-throughput screening assays for drug discovery, universal graduated tips play a role in dispensing small volumes of compounds into microplates for testing against biological targets.
  11. Biobanking and Sample Storage:
    • In biobanking and sample storage, researchers use universal graduated tips for aliquoting and transferring biological samples into storage containers, ensuring accurate and reproducible sample volumes.
  12. Quality Control Testing:
    • Universal graduated tips are employed in laboratories conducting quality control tests to ensure accurate and consistent measurements during sample analysis.
  13. Educational Laboratories:
    • In educational settings, universal graduated tips are used for teaching basic pipetting techniques and liquid handling principles to students in biology, chemistry, and related disciplines.
  14. Clinical Diagnostics:
    • Clinical laboratories use universal graduated tips for various diagnostic tests that involve accurate measurement and dispensing of patient samples, reagents, and controls.
  15. Environmental Monitoring:
    • Laboratories involved in environmental monitoring use universal graduated tips for precise liquid handling in assays related to water quality, air quality, and soil analysis.
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