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4760-Beakers, Low Form with Handle


4760-Beakers, Low Form with Handle

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  • Large labeling field for easy marking
  • Uniform wall thickness & ideal for heating liquids
  • Clear metric Graduation for convenience
  • Highly resistant to chemical attack
PART  No. Capacity (ml) Dia (mm) Height (mm) PACK Qty.
4760-250 250 70 95 4
4760-400 400 80 110 4
4760-600 600 90 125 4
4760-1000 1000 105 157 2


Here are some common uses for low-form beakers with handles in a laboratory setting:

  1. Hot Liquid Handling: The handle allows for the safe handling of beakers containing hot liquids. It reduces the risk of burns and facilitates the pouring of hot solutions without direct contact with the glass.
  2. Heating and Boiling: Beakers with handles are suitable for heating and boiling liquids over a Bunsen burner or on a hot plate. The handle provides a convenient grip for safe removal from the heat source.
  3. Stirring and Mixing: The low form of these beakers makes them suitable for general stirring and mixing of liquids or solutions. The handle allows for easy manipulation during the mixing process.
  4. Reagent Preparation: Beakers with handles are used for preparing and measuring reagents before experiments. The handle provides a secure grip, especially when dealing with larger volumes.
  5. Pouring Liquids: The handle facilitates controlled pouring of liquids, making these beakers suitable for transferring solutions into other containers or for use in processes where precision pouring is essential.
  6. Titration: Beakers with handles can be used in titration experiments where controlled pouring and mixing are crucial. The handle ensures a secure grip during the titration process.
  7. Dilution: These beakers are appropriate for diluting solutions to specific concentrations. The handle aids in the precise pouring of solutions during the dilution process.
  8. Solution Transfer: The handle allows for easy and controlled transfer of liquids from one container to another, making these beakers versatile for various laboratory processes.
  9. Quality Control Testing: Beakers with handles can be used for quality control tests where liquids need to be poured or transferred with precision.
  10. Chemical Storage: They can be used for temporary storage of liquids during experiments or procedures where pouring is part of the process.
  11. Educational Purposes: Beakers with handles are commonly used in educational laboratories for teaching basic principles of chemistry and laboratory techniques. The handle adds an element of safety during student experiments.
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