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4880-Bottle, Roller, ASTM


4880-Bottle, Roller, ASTM

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  • Provides higher cell yields.
  • Fabricated from tubing selected for clarity and freedom from glass imperfections.
  • Neck area is tapered for cell removal and ease of cleaning.
  • Complete with 38mm autoclavable rubber lined screw cap.
PART  No. Approx. Capacity  (ml) Approx. O.D. X Height PACK Qty.
4880-1500 1500 110 X 285 1
4880-2000 2000 110 X 370 1
4880-3000 3000 110 X 480 1
4880-3500 3500 110 X 550 1

Here are some common uses of roller bottles in laboratories, particularly in cell culture applications:

  1. Cell Culture: Roller bottles are widely used for the large-scale culture of adherent cells. The rolling motion provides a dynamic environment that allows cells to attach and grow on the inner surface of the bottle.
  2. Vaccine Production: Roller bottles are used in the production of vaccines and other biological products. The large surface area and rolling motion facilitate the efficient growth of cells for the production of vaccines and therapeutic proteins.
  3. Virus Production: In virology and vaccine development, roller bottles are employed for the production of viruses used in research and vaccine manufacturing.
  4. Monolayer Cell Culture: Roller bottles are suitable for achieving monolayer cell culture, which is important for certain types of experiments and for producing cells for downstream applications.
  5. Bioprocessing: Roller bottles are part of the bioprocessing workflow, providing a scalable and controlled environment for the growth of cells used in the production of biopharmaceuticals.
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