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4910-Bottle, Roller with 45mm Screw Cap and Pour Ring, ASTM


4910-Bottle, Roller with 45mm Screw Cap and Pour Ring, ASTM

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  • Manufactured from Boro. glass for optical clarity and mechanical strength.
  • Can with stand repeated wet or dry sterilization.
  • Polypropylene 45mm screw cap and low temperature pour ring.
PART  No. Cell Growth Area cm2 Dimensions O.D X Height PACK Qty.
4910-680 680 110 x 240 1
4910-840 840 110 x 285 1
4910-1070 1070 110 x 370 1
4910-1585 1585 110 x 570 1

Here are some potential uses for roller bottles with 45mm screw caps and pour rings in laboratory applications:

  1. Cell Culture: Roller bottles are frequently used in the large-scale culture of adherent cells. The rolling motion ensures even distribution of cells and nutrients across the culture surface.
  2. Bioprocessing: Roller bottle systems are utilized in bioprocessing for the production of vaccines, therapeutic proteins, and other biopharmaceuticals.
  3. Virus Production: These bottles may be employed in the production of viruses for virology research or vaccine development.
  4. Monolayer Cell Culture: Roller bottles are suitable for achieving monolayer cell culture, which is important for certain cell-based assays and experiments.
  5. Cell Expansion: Roller bottle systems are commonly used for expanding cell populations before seeding cells into bioreactors or other cell culture systems.
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