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5000-Bottles, Screw Cap, GL-25


5000-Bottles, Screw Cap, GL-25

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  • Made from Polyethylene
  • Autoclavable upto 140° C
  • With Protected Seal




PART  No. Color Thread Specification PACK Qty.
5000-25BLU Blue GL 25 10
5000-25ORG Orange GL 25 10
5000-25YLW Yellow GL 25 10
5000-25GRN Green GL 25 10
5000-25GRY Grey GL 25 10
5000-25WHT White GL 25 10
5000-25BLC Black GL 25 10
5000-25RED Red GL 25 10


  • Bottles with Screw Cap GL-25 find applications in laboratory settings for various purposes, including:
    • Chemical Storage: Suitable for storing chemicals, solvents, or reagents securely.
    • Sample Storage: Used for storing liquid samples in research and analytical laboratories.
    • Media Storage: In biological and microbiological laboratories, they may be used for storing culture media.
    • Transport: These bottles are designed to provide a secure closure, making them suitable for transporting liquids within a laboratory or between locations.
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