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5240-Reagent Bottles (Narrow Mouth)

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5240-Reagent Bottles (Narrow Mouth)

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• Made from Polypropylene

• The PP bottles are rigid, translucent and have excellent contact clarity

• These bottles can be autoclaved filled as well as empty

• On the other hand, the Polyethylene bottle too have excellent strength and are unbreakable

• The Polypropylene Cap has a built in seal ring to make these bottles leak proof

PART  No. Capacity (ltr) PACK Qty.
5240-4 4 6
5240-8 8 12
5240-15 15 12
5240-30 30 12
5240-60 60 12
5240-125 125 12
5240-250 250 12
5240-500 500 12
5240-1000 1000 12


Here are some common uses of reagent bottles with narrow mouths:

  1. Chemical Storage:
    • Reagent bottles with narrow mouths are widely used for the storage of liquid chemicals in laboratories. The narrow opening allows for controlled pouring and minimizes the risk of accidental spills or exposure to the environment.
  2. Reagent Dispensing:
    • These bottles are designed for the precise dispensing of reagents during laboratory experiments and analyses. The narrow mouth facilitates drop-wise dispensing, which is crucial when adding reagents in small quantities.
  3. Solution Preparation:
    • Laboratory technicians use narrow-mouth reagent bottles to prepare solutions by carefully measuring and dispensing liquid reagents. The controlled pouring helps in achieving accurate concentrations.
  4. Titration Procedures:
    • Reagent bottles with narrow mouths are commonly employed in titration experiments. The narrow opening allows for controlled addition of titrants during the titration process, ensuring accurate and precise results.
  5. Sample Storage:
    • Laboratories use narrow-mouth reagent bottles to store small liquid samples securely. The controlled pouring feature is advantageous when retrieving samples for analysis.
  6. Chemical Transfer:
    • Reagent bottles with narrow mouths are suitable for transferring liquids between containers. The narrow opening minimizes the risk of splashing or spilling during the transfer process.
  7. Quality Control Testing:
    • Industries and quality control laboratories use narrow-mouth reagent bottles for the storage and dispensing of reagents used in quality control testing of raw materials and finished products.
  8. Preservation of Sensitive Reagents:
    • Some reagents are sensitive to air or moisture. Narrow-mouth reagent bottles are suitable for preserving and protecting such sensitive reagents by minimizing exposure to external conditions.
  9. Educational Laboratories:
    • These bottles are commonly used in educational laboratories for teaching purposes. They provide a practical and controlled way for students to handle and dispense chemicals during experiments.
  10. Pharmaceutical Applications:
    • Narrow-mouth reagent bottles may be used in pharmaceutical laboratories for the storage and dispensing of specific chemicals or reagents used in drug development and testing.
  11. Buffer Solutions:
    • Laboratories preparing buffer solutions for various applications use reagent bottles with narrow mouths for accurate dispensing and mixing.
  12. Analytical Chemistry:
    • Reagent bottles with narrow mouths are essential in analytical chemistry for preparing and dispensing standard solutions, indicator solutions, and other reagents used in analytical methods.
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