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5450-Flask Filter with Glass Connector, ISO


5450-Flask Filter with Glass Connector, ISO

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  • With Glass Connector
  • Made from heavy wall which can withstand high vacuum
  • Printed in white color enamel without Graduation
PART  No. Capacity (ml) PACK Qty.
5450-100 100 2
5450-250 250 2
5450-500 500 2
5450-1000 1000 2
5450-2000 2000 1
5450-5000 5000 1

Here are common uses for a flask filter with a glass connector in accordance with ISO standards:

  1. Vacuum Filtration:
    • Flask filters with glass connectors are commonly used in vacuum filtration setups. The glass connector provides a secure attachment to a vacuum source, creating suction to draw liquid through the filter.
  2. Particulate Removal:
    • These filters are employed for removing solid particles or particulate matter from liquids, resulting in a clarified filtrate. This is important in processes where the presence of impurities needs to be minimized.
  3. Microbial Analysis:
    • In microbiology laboratories, flask filters with glass connectors are used to filter liquid samples, concentrating microbial cells or particles for further analysis, such as bacterial enumeration.
  4. Sample Clarification:
    • The filtration system is used to clarify liquid samples by removing suspended particles, ensuring a clear solution for subsequent analyses or processes.
  5. Sterilization of Liquids:
    • Flask filters with glass connectors are used for sterilizing liquids by passing them through a membrane filter to remove microorganisms. This is common in microbiological and pharmaceutical applications.
  6. Environmental Water Analysis:
    • In environmental testing, these filters are employed for filtering water samples to concentrate particulate matter or contaminants for analysis, contributing to water quality assessments.
  7. Chemical Filtration:
    • They find application in chemical laboratories for the filtration of solutions to separate precipitates or isolate specific components from a mixture.
  8. HPLC Sample Preparation:
    • In high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), where sample purity is crucial, flask filters with glass connectors are used to filter samples before injection into the chromatograph.
  9. Food and Beverage Testing:
    • These filters are used in food and beverage laboratories for the filtration of liquid samples, ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards by removing unwanted particles or contaminants.
  10. Pharmaceutical Filtration:
    • In pharmaceutical manufacturing, flask filters with glass connectors are used for various filtration processes, including the removal of particulates or microorganisms from liquids.
  11. Research and Development:
    • They find applications in various research and development projects where precise and standardized filtration is required for experimentation and analysis.
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