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5455-Filtering Flask

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5455-Filtering Flask

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  • These single piece moulde flasks are  implosion proof and withstand vaccum upto 29 in-Hg.
  • Tubulation at 45º prevents tipping.
  • Material: PP Autoclavable
PART No. Capacity ml. Pack Qty.
5455-500 500 2
5455-1000 1000 2
5455-1500 1500 2

Here are some common uses of PP filtering flasks:

  1. Vacuum Filtration:
    • PP filtering flasks are suitable for vacuum filtration setups. When connected to a vacuum source, these flasks create suction that pulls liquids through a filter, separating solids from liquids.
  2. Particulate Removal:
    • These flasks are employed to remove solid particles or impurities from liquids, ensuring the purity of the liquid for further analyses or processes.
  3. Microbial Analysis:
    • PP filtering flasks can be used in microbiology for concentrating microbial cells or particles from liquid samples, which is often a preparatory step for microbial analysis.
  4. Sample Clarification:
    • The flasks are used to clarify liquid samples by removing suspended particles, resulting in a clear solution for subsequent analyses or experimentation.
  5. Solid-Liquid Separation:
    • PP filtering flasks are suitable for separating solids from liquids in various processes, such as in pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories.
  6. HPLC Sample Preparation:
    • In high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), PP filtering flasks are used to prepare samples by removing particulates before injection into the chromatograph.
  7. Air Sampling:
    • PP filtering flasks can be utilized in air sampling applications where airborne particles need to be collected on filters for subsequent analysis.
  8. Gravimetric Analysis:
    • For gravimetric analysis, where the mass of a particular substance is determined through filtration, PP filtering flasks can be used to separate the substance from the rest of the solution.
  9. Environmental Water Analysis:
    • PP filtering flasks are used in environmental testing for filtering water samples to concentrate particulate matter or contaminants for analysis, contributing to water quality assessments.
  10. Food and Beverage Testing:
    • In food and beverage laboratories, PP filtering flasks can be employed for the filtration of liquid samples, ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards by removing unwanted particles or contaminants.
  11. Chemical Filtration:
    • PP filtering flasks are used in chemical laboratories for filtering solutions to separate precipitates or to obtain clear solutions without unwanted solid particles.
  12. Research and Development:
    • PP filtering flasks find applications in various research and development projects where precise and standardized filtration is required for experimentation and analysis.
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