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5600-Flasks, Round Bottom, 2 Neck Angular, ASTM


5600-Flasks, Round Bottom, 2 Neck Angular, ASTM

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  • Made from ASTM E-438 Type 1, Boro 3.3 heat resistance glass
  • Round bot tom flask with ASTM joint sizes
  • Angular
PART  No. Capacity (ml) Socket Size Side Socket PACK Qty.
5600-25 25 14/20 14/20 1
5600-50 50 14/20 14/20 1
5600-100 100 14/20 14/20 1
5600-100-A 100 24/40 24/40 1
5600-250 250 24/40 24/40 1
5600-500 500 24/40 24/40 1
5600-1000 1000 24/40 24/40 1

Here are some common uses for a 2-Neck Angular Round Bottom Flask in a laboratory:

  1. Parallel Reactions: The two necks allow for the setup of parallel reactions, enabling researchers to conduct multiple reactions simultaneously.
  2. Distillation and Fractionation: The flask is suitable for distillation setups where different components of a mixture can be collected through the two necks. This is useful for fractionation processes.
  3. Refluxing: The flask is suitable for reflux setups where one neck can be used for the condenser while the other allows for the addition of reagents or other equipment.
  4. Simultaneous Sampling: The two necks allow for the simultaneous sampling of reaction mixtures or the introduction of different materials at distinct stages of the experiment.
  5. Temperature Control Experiments: One neck can be used for inserting a thermometer or temperature probe, allowing for precise temperature control during reactions.
  6. Gas Inlet/Outlet: One neck can be used as a gas inlet, and the other as a gas outlet, facilitating reactions that involve gaseous reactants or by-products.
  7. Complex Reaction Setups: The versatility of a 2-neck flask allows for the creation of complex experimental setups involving various reaction components and monitoring devices.
  8. Parallel Distillation: Similar to parallel reactions, the flask can be used for parallel distillation, allowing researchers to simultaneously distill multiple samples.
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