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5840-Flask, Tong, Euro Design

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5840-Flask, Tong, Euro Design

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  • Available in Silicon Sleeve and fiber Glass yarn to resist direct flame
  • Hold Flask upto 2 Liters (60 mm OD).
  • Made of Stainless Steel
PART  No. Length (mm) Type Max. Temp PACK Qty.
5840-250 250 Glass Fiber 500ºC 4
5840-300 300 Glass Fiber 500ºC 4
5840-250-A 250 Silicon 280ºC 4
5840-300-A 300 Silicon 280ºC 4

Here are some common uses of Euro design flask tongs in the laboratory:

  1. Flask Handling: Euro design flask tongs are primarily used for safely and securely gripping and handling laboratory flasks. The design of the tongs ensures a firm and stable hold on the flask, preventing accidental spills or breakage.
  2. Hot Flask Handling: These tongs are particularly useful for handling flasks that contain hot substances. The Euro design allows for a strong grip, minimizing the risk of burns or accidents when dealing with flasks that have been heated.
  3. Glassware Manipulation: Euro design flask tongs are versatile and can be used for manipulating glassware in various laboratory procedures. They provide a controlled and precise handling mechanism for different types of flasks.
  4. Chemical Reactions: During chemical reactions or experiments, Euro design flask tongs are employed to move, transfer, or reposition flasks as needed. This ensures that the experimenter can work with the flask safely and efficiently.
  5. Distillation Setups: In distillation processes, where round-bottom flasks are commonly used, Euro design flask tongs assist in securely holding and manipulating the flasks within the distillation apparatus.
  6. Hot Plate and Heating Mantle Applications: When flasks are placed on hot plates or heating mantles for various heating processes, Euro design flask tongs are used to handle and transfer the flasks without direct contact.
  7. Laboratory Safety: Euro design flask tongs contribute to laboratory safety by providing a reliable means of handling glassware. The sturdy grip minimizes the risk of dropping or mishandling flasks.
  8. Preventing Contamination: By using tongs to handle flasks, researchers can avoid direct contact with the glass surfaces, reducing the risk of contamination from skin oils or other external factors.
  9. General Laboratory Manipulation: Flask tongs with Euro design can be used for general laboratory manipulation tasks, offering a secure grip on various glassware items beyond just flasks.
  10. Compatible with Different Flask Sizes: The Euro design tongs are often adjustable or come in various sizes, making them suitable for handling flasks of different capacities and shapes.
  11. Autoclaving and Sterilization: Euro design flask tongs are suitable for handling flasks during autoclaving or sterilization processes, ensuring that the glassware is safely transferred to and from sterilization equipment.
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