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5920-Chromatography columns, Plain


5920-Chromatography columns, Plain

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  • Simple and economical column – ideal for educational use
  • With chemically resistant glass sintered – porosity 1
  • Manufactured from borosilicate glass
PART  No. Capacity (ml) Body O.D.(mm) Length excluding stem (mm) Stem O.D.(mm) PACK Qty.
5920-30 30 14 355 8 5

Here are some common uses of plain chromatography columns:

  1. Column Chromatography:
    • Plain chromatography columns are commonly used in traditional column chromatography, a widely employed separation technique in chemistry. The column is packed with a stationary phase, and a mobile phase is passed through, facilitating the separation of components.
  2. Sample Purification:
    • Chromatography columns are used for purifying samples by separating individual components. This is crucial in various research and analytical applications where high-purity substances are required.
  3. Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC):
    • SEC is a technique used to separate molecules based on their size. Plain columns can be filled with a gel matrix, and molecules are separated as they move through the gel based on their size.
  4. Liquid Chromatography (LC):
    • In liquid chromatography, plain columns are used to separate components in liquid samples. High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is a common form of liquid chromatography that utilizes columns for fast and efficient separations.
  5. Gas Chromatography (GC):
    • In gas chromatography, columns are packed with a stationary phase, and the separation occurs when components in a gaseous sample interact with the stationary phase. Plain columns are commonly used in GC applications.
  6. Ion Exchange Chromatography (IEC):
    • IEC is used to separate ions based on their charge. Plain columns can be employed for ion exchange chromatography by using a stationary phase with charged functional groups.
  7. Affinity Chromatography:
    • Affinity chromatography is used to separate molecules based on their specific interactions with a ligand attached to the column. Plain columns can be adapted for affinity chromatography by functionalizing the stationary phase.
  8. Packed Bed Adsorption:
    • Chromatography columns can be used for adsorption processes, where components in a mixture are adsorbed onto a solid stationary phase. This is common in processes involving purification or removal of impurities.
  9. Educational Purposes:
    • In educational settings, plain chromatography columns are used to teach students the principles and techniques of chromatography. Students may perform experiments to separate and analyze mixtures.
  10. Protein Purification:
    • Chromatography columns, including plain columns, are widely used in the purification of proteins. Techniques like size exclusion chromatography and ion exchange chromatography can be employed for protein separation.
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