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6120-Condenser, Leibig, Plain without Joint


6120-Condenser, Leibig, Plain without Joint

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  • Available with sealed Inner Tube
  • Made from Heat Resistant
  • Low Expansion 3.3 Borosilicate Glass
  • Complies with ASTM E-428, Type-1, Class-A Boro 3.3 Glass
  • Comes with Glass & Plastic screw thread connector
  • Highly efficient with large cooling surface
  • Suitable for Distillation & Reflux Applications
PART  No. Approx Jacket Length (mm) Approx. Overall Height (mm) Connector PACK Qty.
6120-200 200 345 Glass 1
6120-300 300 445 Glass 1
6120-400 400 545 Glass 1
6120-500 500 645 Glass 1
6120-200-A 200 345 Screw thread 1
6120-300-A 300 445 Screw thread 1
6120-400-A 400 545 Screw thread 1
6120-500-A 500 645 Screw thread 1

The abbreviation for “Condenser, Leibig, Plain without Joint” could be “Leibig Cond., Plain, No Joint” or “LC-Plain-NJ.” This denotes a Leibig condenser without any additional joints or connections, commonly used in laboratory setups for cooling and condensation purposes. The plain design indicates a straightforward, unadorned condenser without extra joints for specific applications.

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