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7090-Funnel Holder

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7090-Funnel Holder

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  • Made of Polypropylene
  • Are corrosion free
  • Can hold funnels with dia 3″ to 6″
  • Extra plate provided can be placed to hold funnels bearing dia 1″ to 3″
  • Two tapered wedges ensure firm grip on Rods having dia 1/2″ or 3/8″
7090-FH Funnel Holder 12

Here are some common uses and applications of polypropylene funnel holders:

  1. Filtration Processes:
    • Applications: Polypropylene funnel holders are commonly used in conjunction with filter funnels for processes such as gravity filtration. They provide a stable platform for the funnel, allowing the collection of filtrates without the need for manual support.
  2. Vacuum Filtration:
    • Applications: In vacuum filtration setups, where a vacuum is applied to speed up the filtration process, polypropylene funnel holders can securely hold the funnel in place, allowing the efficient collection of filtrates.
  3. Powder Transfer:
    • Applications: Funnel holders are used to hold funnels during the transfer of powders or granular substances. This ensures controlled and consistent pouring of materials.
  4. Liquid Transfers:
    • Applications: In laboratory tasks that involve the transfer of liquids from one container to another, a polypropylene funnel holder provides stability and control over the pouring process.
  5. Chemical Reactions:
    • Applications: During chemical reactions that involve the addition of reagents through a funnel, the funnel holder ensures that the funnel remains securely in place, preventing spills or tip-overs.
  6. Separatory Funnel Support:
    • Applications: Polypropylene funnel holders can be used to support separatory funnels during liquid-liquid extraction procedures. They provide a stable platform for controlled draining of liquids.
  7. Educational Laboratories:
    • Applications: Funnel holders made of polypropylene are commonly used in educational laboratories for teaching basic laboratory techniques and experimental procedures. They enhance safety and ease of use during demonstrations and student experiments.
  8. Sample Preparation:
    • Applications: Funnel holders are useful in sample preparation processes where materials need to be filtered or transferred in a controlled manner before further analysis.
  9. General Laboratory Tasks:
    • Applications: Polypropylene funnel holders find application in a variety of laboratory tasks that involve the use of funnels for liquid or powder handling.
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