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7560-Test Tube Stand

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7560-Test Tube Stand

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  • This autoclavable stand is perhaps the most commonly used Test Tube Stand in various laboratories.
  • For better visibility, this 6 place rack is end supported by 2 columns.
  • The top plate has 2 holes for holding 25 mm dia test tubes, four holes to hold 16 mm dia tubes where as the base has corresponding hemispherical wells.
  • It also has six vertical pins for drying tubes. 
  • Material: Polypropylene
PART  No. Size PACK Qty.
7560-16 16 mm. & 25 mm ø Tubes 12
7560-25 25 mm. Tubes 12

Here are some common uses of test tube stands:

  1. Organization and Storage:
    • Test tube stands are primarily used to organize and store test tubes when they are not in use. They help maintain a neat and orderly laboratory workspace, making it easy to locate specific test tubes when needed.
  2. Drying Tubes:
    • After washing or sterilizing test tubes, a test tube stand can be used to hold the tubes upside down for air drying. This helps prevent water droplets from accumulating inside the tubes.
  3. Sample Handling:
    • When multiple samples need to be processed simultaneously, test tube stands provide a convenient way to arrange and handle the samples. This is particularly useful in experiments involving a series of reactions or analyses.
  4. Centrifugation:
    • Test tube racks are compatible with centrifuge rotors. They securely hold multiple test tubes during centrifugation, allowing for the separation of substances based on density.
  5. Freezing and Cooling:
    • Test tube stands can be used to organize test tubes in freezers or refrigerators, providing a stable arrangement for samples that need to be frozen or kept at a specific temperature.
  6. Incubation:
    • In microbiology and cell culture work, test tube racks are used to hold test tubes during incubation periods. The organized setup facilitates the handling of cultures and samples.
  7. Reaction Setups:
    • Test tube racks are often used to set up reactions by organizing reagents and samples. This is especially important in experiments where precise timing and coordination of reactions are crucial.
  8. Benchtop Experiments:
    • Test tube stands are valuable for benchtop experiments where multiple test tubes are used simultaneously. They help prevent spillage and provide a secure place for test tubes during various stages of an experiment.
  9. Teaching Laboratories:
    • In educational settings, such as teaching laboratories, test tube racks are used to teach students about proper laboratory techniques, including the handling, organization, and storage of test tubes.
  10. Quality Control and Inspections:
    • Test tube stands are used in quality control processes and inspections to organize and present test tubes for visual inspections or measurements.
  11. Presentation and Display:
    • In some instances, test tube racks are used to display samples or experiments during presentations or demonstrations. This is common in educational outreach or public engagement activities.
  12. Transportation:
    • Test tube stands can be used to transport multiple test tubes from one location to another. Some designs include handles for easy carrying.
  13. Adaptation for Specialized Equipment:
    • Test tube stands can be adapted for use with other laboratory equipment, such as spectrophotometers, by positioning the test tubes for analysis.
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