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7920-Cryo Coders


7920-Cryo Coders

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  • Made from Polystyrene.
  • Available in different colors can easily fit into the cap of Cryo vials for colour identification of different samples.
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7920-CC Cryo Coders 100

Here are some common uses and purposes of Cryo Coders in cryogenic storage:

  1. Sample Identification: Cryo Coders are used to label cryo vials with unique identifiers, such as alphanumeric codes or barcodes. This helps in accurately identifying and tracking each individual sample.
  2. Organization: The coding system allows for the organized storage of samples. By assigning specific codes to different types of samples, researchers can easily locate and retrieve the samples they need.
  3. Data Recording: Cryo Coders are often part of a larger system that includes data recording. Information related to the sample, such as its origin, contents, and storage date, can be associated with the coded label. This data can be crucial for maintaining a comprehensive record of stored samples.
  4. Automation: In larger laboratories or biobanks, automated systems may be used for labeling and tracking cryogenic samples. Cryo Coders can integrate with these systems to ensure efficient and error-free sample management.
  5. Reducing Human Error: Manual labeling can be prone to errors, especially when dealing with a large number of samples. Cryo Coders help reduce the risk of human error in the labeling process.
  6. Quick Visual Identification: Some Cryo Coders may include color-coding or other visual identification features. This allows researchers to quickly identify samples based on their coding system.
  7. Compatibility with Cryogenic Conditions: Cryo Coders are designed to withstand the extreme temperatures associated with cryogenic storage, ensuring that the labels remain intact and readable.
  8. Long-Term Durability: Labels applied with Cryo Coders are often designed to be durable for long-term storage, resisting degradation due to temperature fluctuations or exposure to cryogenic fluids.
  9. Compliance with Regulations: In fields such as biobanking and clinical research, adherence to labeling standards and regulations is crucial. Cryo Coders help ensure that samples are labeled according to established guidelines.
  10. Traceability: Cryo Coders facilitate traceability, allowing researchers to trace the history of each sample, from collection to storage.
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