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7930-Cryo Rack


7930-Cryo Rack

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  •  Made from Polycarbonate making it tough, durable & autoclavable
  •  Can hold 50 vials at a time
  •  This rack is provided with four anti skid rubbers & each well is identified with an alpha-numeric index
PART  No. Type Pack Qty.
7930-50 50 places for 1, 1.8 and 4.5 ml Cryo vials 2

Here are some common uses and features of cryo racks:

  1. Cryogenic Storage: Cryo racks are designed to hold and organize cryogenic storage containers, such as cryo vials or tubes, in ultra-low-temperature environments, including liquid nitrogen (-196°C/-321°F) or deep freezers (-80°C/-112°F).
  2. Sample Organization: Cryo racks provide a systematic way to organize samples, making it easier for researchers to locate and retrieve specific samples when needed. They often come with dividers or grids to separate individual storage spaces.
  3. Secure Holding: Cryo racks securely hold cryogenic vials or tubes in place, preventing them from falling or becoming dislodged during storage or transportation.
  4. Material Compatibility: Cryo racks are typically made from materials that can withstand extreme temperatures without compromising their structural integrity. Common materials include stainless steel, aluminum, or polymers designed to resist brittleness at low temperatures.
  5. Durability: Cryo racks are built to be durable and resistant to temperature-induced stress, ensuring they maintain their functionality over time.
  6. Ease of Handling: Cryo racks are designed for easy handling, allowing researchers to move, transport, and access samples with minimal effort.
  7. Identification and Labeling: Some cryo racks come with spaces for labeling or coding, enabling researchers to mark and identify the samples stored in each position.
  8. Autoclavable: Depending on the material, some cryo racks are autoclavable, allowing for sterilization to maintain aseptic conditions in the laboratory.
  9. Stackability: Cryo racks are often designed to be stackable, maximizing storage efficiency in freezers and minimizing the use of valuable laboratory space.
  10. Compatibility with Automation: In high-throughput laboratories, cryo racks may be designed to work seamlessly with automated systems for sample handling, retrieval, and tracking.
  11. Various Configurations: Cryo racks come in different configurations to accommodate various types and sizes of cryogenic storage containers. This includes racks for microcentrifuge tubes, cryo vials, or other specialized sample containers.
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