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8110-Water Still Barnstead Pattern


8110-Water Still Barnstead Pattern

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Product Details:

Material                          Stainless Steel

Installation Service      Yes

Type                                Table Top Model 


  • Tank is double walls inner and outer made of SS 304 quality
  • High quality glass wool insulation filled between the walls
  • Condenser made of SS 304
  • High quality kettle elements of refractory type elements
  • Wide range of capacity/accurate output

The abbreviation for “Water Still Barnstead Pattern” could be “WSBP” or “Barnstead WS.” This refers to a specific type or pattern of water still, which is a device used for producing distilled water in laboratory settings. The “Barnstead Pattern” indicates a design or model associated with the Barnstead brand, known for manufacturing laboratory equipment, including water stills.

Technical Specifications:

Part  No. Capacity Output Per Hour Rating Volts
8110-4 4 lt. capacity 3.0 kw 230 volts
8110-10 10 lt.capacity 6.0 kw 440 volts
8110-15 15lt. capacity 10.0 kw 440 volts
8110-20 20 lt. capacity 14.0 kw 440 volts
8110-25 25 lt. capacity 18.0 kw 440 volts
8110-40 40 lt. capacity 24.0 kw 440 volts
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