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8290-MEMBRANE FILTER PAPER (Mixed cellulose ester)


8290-MEMBRANE FILTER PAPER (Mixed cellulose ester)

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Part No. Filter Media Particle Retention Rate Thickness Diameter or Size L X W Flow Rate Pack Qty.
8290-0.45M Mixed cellulose ester 0.45 µm 47 mm 100
8290-0.45MTF Mixed cellulose ester 0.45 µm 135 µm 47 mm 14.5 water flow rate (s/100 ml) 100
8290-0.8M Mixed cellulose ester 0.8 µm 47 mm 100
8290-0.8C cellulose nitrate 0.8 µm 105 -140 µm 47 mm 108 ml/min/cm² 100
8290-5.0C cellulose nitrate 5.0 µm 105 -140 um 47 mm 500 ml/min/cm² 100
8290-12C Cellulose Nitrate 12 µm 105–140 µm 47 mm 105–140 µm 100
8290-0.45C cellulose nitrate 0.45µm 105–140 µm 47 mm 100

This type of membrane filter paper, made from mixed cellulose ester, is commonly used in laboratory settings for various filtration applications. The membrane provides a barrier to particles and allows the passage of liquids, making it useful in processes such as sample clarification and particle analysis.

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