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8580-Burner, Bunsen


8580-Burner, Bunsen

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  • Material Casted Iron Black painted
  • Brass pipe, chrome plated
  • Concentrated higher flame
  • With Stopcock
  • Use with L.P.G.
PART  No. Pack Qty.
8580-A 1
8580-B 1


  1. Heating: Used for heating substances in laboratory experiments and processes.
  2. Sterilization: Applied in laboratories for sterilizing equipment or utensils using an open flame.
  3. Flame Tests: Utilized for flame tests to identify elements based on characteristic flame colors.
  4. Microbiological Work: Used in microbiology for aseptic techniques and sterilization of tools.
  5. Chemical Reactions: Applied in various chemical reactions requiring controlled heating.
  6. Glassware Sterilization: Used for sterilizing glassware before experiments.
  7. Laboratory Experiments: Integral in a wide range of laboratory experiments requiring heat.
  8. Adjustable Flame: Allows for the adjustment of flame intensity for different applications.
  9. Educational Demonstrations: Employed in educational settings to teach principles of combustion and heat.
  10. Research and Development: Commonly used in research and development laboratories for heating and experimentation.
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