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9080-Spirit Lamp (Glass)


9080-Spirit Lamp (Glass)

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  • Spirit lamps are of different material.
  • These in the picture are of soda glass.
PART  No. Type Pack Qty.
9080-HEX Hexagonal 1
9080-ROU Round 1

A glass spirit lamp is used for:

  1. Flame Source:
    • Consistent Flame: Provides a steady and controllable flame for various laboratory applications.
  2. Heating:
    • Gentle Heating: Used to apply mild heat to substances in experiments, such as during sterilization or small-scale reactions.
  3. Sterilization:
    • Instrument Sterilization: Used to sterilize laboratory tools and equipment by passing them through the flame.
  4. Cautious Procedures:
    • Precise Control: Allows for precise and controlled heating, particularly in delicate procedures.
  5. Candle Extinguisher:
    • Extinguishing Candles: Utilized as a tool to extinguish candles safely.
  6. Demonstrations:
    • Educational Demos: Commonly used in educational settings to demonstrate basic principles of combustion and heat.
  7. Fieldwork:
    • Portable Heat Source: Suitable for fieldwork or situations where a portable heat source is needed.
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