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9792-Triple Beam Balance


9792-Triple Beam Balance

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Triple Beam Balance, 750S; a single pan, low form balance. The balance has three notched weighing beams with centre indicating sliding masses, giving total weighing capacity of 610g. Additional supplementary masses are available to hang on the end of the beam increasing the capacity upto 2610g.

  • The masses can be stored in the recessed base when not required.
  • Equipped facility for under balance weighing.
  • Beams: 0-500g x 100g, 0-100g x 10g, 0-10g x 0.1g
  • Pan:stainless steel, 150 mm diameter

Here’s how you typically use a triple beam balance:

  1. Zeroing the Balance:
    • Make sure the balance is on a level surface.
    • Move the rider (the largest weight) on the beam to the rightmost position (zero mark).
    • Adjust the leveling screws to ensure the balance is level.
  2. Placing the Object:
    • Place the object to be weighed on the pan.
    • Move the middle rider (the medium-sized weight) along the beam until the pointer drops below the zero mark.
  3. Fine Adjustment:
    • Use the smallest rider to make fine adjustments. Move it back and forth until the pointer is exactly at the zero mark.
  4. Reading the Mass:
    • Read the mass directly from the positions of the three riders on the beams. The position of each rider represents a specific mass value.
  5. Calculating Total Mass:
    • Add up the mass values indicated by the three riders to get the total mass of the object.
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