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Part No. Type Size (cm)
9830-A What is Disaster 70 x 100
9830-B Earthquake 70 x 100
9830-C Tsunami 70 x 100
9830-D Flood 70 x 100
9830-E Cyclone 70 x 100
9830-F Forest Fire 70 x 100

Disaster management charts serve various essential purposes in a concise manner:

  1. Emergency Response Planning:
    • Assist in planning and coordinating emergency responses to natural or man-made disasters.
  2. Resource Allocation:
    • Aid in allocating resources effectively by visualizing areas of impact and severity.
  3. Evacuation Planning:
    • Facilitate the planning of evacuation routes and shelters for affected populations.
  4. Risk Assessment:
    • Assess and communicate the risk levels in different regions prone to disasters.
  5. Communication and Coordination:
    • Enhance communication and coordination among response teams and agencies.
  6. Infrastructure Mapping:
    • Identify critical infrastructure, vulnerabilities, and potential points of failure.
  7. Medical and Aid Distribution:
    • Plan and execute the distribution of medical aid and relief supplies to affected areas.
  8. Population Density and Vulnerability:
    • Analyze population density and vulnerability factors to prioritize response efforts.
  9. Weather and Environmental Monitoring:
    • Monitor weather patterns and environmental conditions to predict and manage disasters.
  10. Training and Simulation:
    • Facilitate training exercises and simulations for disaster response personnel.
  11. Public Awareness:
    • Raise public awareness by visually conveying disaster risks and preparedness measures.
  12. Post-Disaster Recovery Planning:
    • Assist in planning for post-disaster recovery, reconstruction, and rehabilitation.
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